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CHIRON Performing Arts is dedicated to presenting the evolutionary visions of contemporary artists. Via powerful, exciting performances of new music, artistic collaborations and by touring local communities we reach out to new audiences and demonstrate that The Arts are among the most vital of human endeavors.

Though centered firmly in the classical music tradition, we stimulate diversity and include in our concerts and festivals other artistic disciplines and styles of music making, including multicultural approaches and the talents of artists from local communities and from afar.


In ancient Greek Myth the God Cronos came to Earth and ravaged a Sea Nymph. CHIRON was born of this union. He was in the form of a Centaur and became the teacher of the God's and Heroes of the Mythological world of Greece. He taught all of the arts of Civilization, with an emphasis on Music. There are a number of tales of his manner of Death, but when he died Zeus rewarded his service by making him the constellation Sagittarius.

• CHIRON Performing Arts has presented the work of hundreds of artists of all disciplines.

After twelve years of festivals and concerts centered in Ithaca, New York and surrounding areas, CHIRON Performing Arts is now centered in New York City.

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EVENT::11/9/04  -  PROGRAM

Art of the Americas:

The Transforming Power of Imagination:

The Event began with:

Javier de la Torre's SOLOLOQUIO IV for solo viola - performed by George Rosenbaum...

      and continued with:

JOHN EATON's Sor Juana Songs...performed by the composer:

and mezzo-soprano Jennifer Roderer:

Watch Their Performance Here:

John Eaton's Sor Juana Songs: Part One                                Part Two


                                                                 Pianist Mirian Conti:

performed...Alberto Ginastera's...

     Suite de Danzas Criollas

composer/flutist Robert Dick:

performed his Eye in The Sky for amplified openhole Alto Flute.

Composer/CHIRON founder Christopher Kaufman

performed-with violinist Caroline Chin...

...and cellist-Yun-Joo Na - his

MADRIGAL IN SPRING - for piano trio.


THE CONCERT EVENT ended with Kaufman's arrangement of Music and Poetry - 'Dance of the Jaguar'
Poet Robert Rene Galvan:

   Read his work as the CHIRON ensemble
performed largely improvised music. The ensemble included:

Flutist-Robert Dick...

         Percussionist- Will Ryan: Violist-George Rosenbaum, Bassist-Lawrence Goldman and Christopher Kaufman on Keyboards.


Adorned the stage throughout the concert - and participated in collaborative spirit for the entire event...

          POEMS                      SWEET MELODY

               Above by title of Event - 'The Singing Children'

Lighting designer-Miranda Hardy / recording engineer-Ben Manly



EVENT::11/9/03  -  PROGRAM

The Event was titled:

FROM SHADOWS TO LIGHT: THE PHOENIX: dedicated to the City of New York.

   Katya Surrence danced the title role of THE PHOENIX in Christopher Kaufman's Chamber Ballet of that name - the featured piece of the evening.

Christopher Kaufman: CHIRON's founder and director, conducted an ensemble including Robert Dick as featured soloist (flutes), Erin Gustafson (oboe), Jon Liechty (piano), Brad Carbone(percussion), Lawrence Goldman (bass) and George Rosenbaum (viola).

The also event featured:

Idith Meshulam: Who performed Kaufman's Epitaph (for Georgia O'Keefe) and 'a little Jazzmusic' for solo piano -- with Lara Kohn dancing the role of the painter.

Elliott Schwartz: who performed his READING SESSION -- with clarinetist AMY ZOLOTO.


Robert Dick:

Performed his LATE LIFE for Contrabass Flute.

George Rosenbaum: Performed ELEGY for solo viola of Igor Stravinsky.

Bombastiq Brass: performed Kaufman's BRASS QUINTET which features a theme and variations on a tune by T. "Fats" Waller to end the evening.

Haim Avitsur: played a lead role in Kaufman's ...At the Gates... for NINE trombones.... as the composer conducted -- this work began the program.


The EVENT was very successful. Audience was plentiful, extremely enthusiastic and ready for more.